Arrime technologies is a U.S based product engineering, software development and technology services firm with offices in the U.S. and Asia. For both technology companies and enterprises, from startups to the Fortune 100, we leverage our expertise in emerging technologies to deliver innovative solutions that accelerate our clients’ Digital Transformation initiatives. Our practices include Product Engineering, Cloud & Infrastructure, Security, Big Data & Analytics, Data Management & Governance, and IoT. Across all practice areas, we are making significant investments in next-generation technologies and solutions to help deliver innovation to our clients. These include machine learning, hybrid cloud security & compliance, blockchain, IoT data gathering & processing, and open-source solution integration

Mission & Values

We are passionate about the success of our customers, Our employees, and our communities. We will not compromise on our high standards of professional ethics, transparency, and honesty in all interactions with our clients, Suppliers. We are committed to building leadership and talent that demonstrates and promotes excellence in what we do every day. Treating others with dignity and respecting options and views not only fosters collaboration but is the core value of AT.

Our Culture

Diversity is the key driver for change in our corporate culture. Our commitment to diversity truly reflects how we respect and appreciate the society we inhabit. At the societal level, we implement diversity in hiring with regards to gender, age, and ethnic origin. At the production level, we implement and value diversity in thoughts and diversity in approaches to problems. At the managerial level, our leaders are transparent and accessible to everyone. We attribute our success to our well-motivated staff. We understand that job satisfaction is directly correlated to the opportunities for learning, growth, and expanding skill sets. We provide strong support for employee advancement and this in return bolsters our efforts towards developing a strong sense of community and culture .